As the sun rose this morning, hundreds of thousands of people rose with it, all across the globe, to make the world a better place. No matter who you are, where you are from, we all rose this morning for a better world. And we will all rise again tomorrow.

At BRAC we all have our own stories about how we are building a world we want.


From the 274 stories we received from you, 4 were selected as the winners.

We congratulate the winners- for showing true courage and determination, and for showing the way for the rest of us to follow.

Today we are celebrating you - the changemaker, the activist, the hero.

FM Ilius Hossain

FM Ilius Hossain has been working for BRAC’s microfinance programme for 19 years. Under his valuable leadership, BRAC scaled financial services in the remotest corners of South Sudan. Having grown up in extreme poverty, he felt strong affinity towards those he served. He has never lost faith in his work, even when he was stranded for two weeks without much to eat or drink.

Subarna Lovely

Shuborna Lovely’s journey with BRAC has taken her to various locations across Bangladesh. Over the last 23 years, she has shown exemplary leadership and integrity in her work in finance. Being forced into child marriage did not stop her from pursuing a life that she wanted. She went on to finish higher education, and thereupon joining BRAC. She remained resolute through various adversities, one that involved an arson attack by fundamentalists in the branch office she was posted in. All data was eventually recovered under her supervision.

Md Rezaul Mazid

Md Rezaul Mazid has been part of our family for 27 years. Under his leadership in the areas of education and skills development, he was able to touch the lives of those most marginalised - children, transgender individuals and people with disabilities. His biggest inspiration comes from when he sees his work visibly changing lives in communities across Bangladesh.

Najmuddin Qeyami

Najmuddin Qeyami has been working at BRAC in Afghanistan for over 15 years. He has shown absolute conviction and courage even while working in the most conflict-ridden places in Afghanistan. He faced his biggest test when two of his colleagues were abducted in 2016. He successfully negotiated with the abductors and helped to bring his colleagues back to safety.

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