As the sun rose this morning, hundreds of thousands of people rose with it, all across the globe, to make the world a better place.

We all have our own story about how we are making the world a better place. No matter who you are, where you are from, we all rose this morning for a better world. And we will all rise again tomorrow.

Every day, through our work, we are building that world for everyone.

You, the changemaker.
You, the activist.
You, the hero.
You, the mentor.
You are BRAC.

Saima Shabnam

Saima Shabnam’s career began when she joined BRAC Pakistan as a microfinance credit officer in 2007. BRAC was only beginning its work in Pakistan, and gaining people’s trust was a significant challenge. Saima envisioned a better world, and took up the challenge with great determination, without any hesitation.

I am BRAC: The mentor

Nabisubi Berna joined our family eight years ago as a credit officer. She wanted to do two things with her career as a young graduate – join a big organisation and use her skills to work for good. Working directly with people living in poverty gave her a sense of belonging, and she is still in touch with the first village groups she formed. Her personal life has progressed in parallel with her professional career. Nabisubi has been promoted from credit officer to branch manager and then to area manager, and has also held multiple posts in village organisations, from a financial adviser in a woman’s trust group to a treasurer in a Bakyala twekembe group.

Nabisubi has become a trusted mentor for her clients, colleagues and many others in her village. When she is not at work or working for her community in a formal role, she supports children from her village to go to school and works together with her colleagues to maintain a commercial-sized poultry and vegetable farm.

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